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Education and its importance in these days

Education and its importance in these days

Education and its importance

schoolEducation is a key aspect in everyone’s life. It is needed to grow as an individual as well as in the society. It is not only necessary to get a good job, it is important to turn yourself into a good social being. Now a days the need of education is at its heights. To live in this competitive world, one must study. It builds some social status. To get admission in top schools, to get placed in MNCs, to become an entrepreneur, for everything education is important. There are many people who achieved success in their lives, but if you are educated you can surely achieve success. You may have many thoughts and ideologies in your mind, but education helps you to implement the ideas in real. It gives us knowledge. It brings some respect in us as well as towards the people. It teaches us how to behave, how to read, how to write and how to lead our life. It changes one’s mind to a socially responsible being.

right-to-educationRight to education is one of the fundamental right included in the Indian constitution. To implement and to be utilized our Government has introduced many schemes. It is offering free education to economically poor students and encouraging the young citizens of India. Its the right of every child to utilize it and no child should be deprived of it. We have a number of educational institutions around us. Primary education teaches the basics of our environment and society where as higher education brings an awareness about the real life scenario. Quality education is an point to remember. Being educated is not just going to school and studying the syllabus books. Education with moral values and ethics is more important than any number of degrees. Also the improvement in the educational technology from books to projectors, e-books, practicals and projects is bringing lot of changes in school education as well as in the universities. To make it more easier to reach the people, many have started the online education classes. These tutorials are very useful and people can easily learn things without any cost.

The overall literacy rate of India being 74.04% ranking 105 in the UNESCO. Though we are not good in it, the overall % has been increased a large when compared to the past years. Coming to the point of literacy ratio between Education and Literacy in Indiamale and female, still there should be a lot of improvement in the literacy aspects of women. Though they are coming forward to study equally, there are still some places who are not encouraging the literacy of a girl child.

But there are some changes that are needed to be done in our education system. Children should learn things without stress. They should study to gain knowledge, but not to gain marks. Of course, marks are equally important to gain admissions in the best schools and colleges. But they should not be trained only to gain marks. They should work hard not gain top rankings in the competitions, but to learn how to apply them in real life. The best educational institution is the one that gives importance to quality of education, a students talent and best teachers rather than money, caste and status. If a persons says a real fact, and if he is not educated, no one cares. But if an educated person says the same, they make it a quotation and they follow doing it. That is the influence of education in the real world.

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