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Fitness – Importance in our lives

Fitness – Importance in our lives

Fitness – Importance in our lives

Fitness – Do we need to really concentrate on it..? Yes, Of Course! we have to.

Have you ever felt so lazy to wake up for a morning walk..?
Yes, we do and will be doing it. We all want to be fit and stay fit without getting a little strain. People are not even giving 1% of importance to fitness as they give more to career, job and office. Fitness is state of being physically and mentally stable. Both are interlinked. Trying only for physical fitness is worthless if you are not good at your mind and soul. The body achieves what the mind believes. Hence Physical fitness starts with mental fitness. You have to balance your thoughts, your actions and your soul, ultimately it results in physically fit. You have to exercise and meditate. Our control on emotions, mind, body, spirits and fitness is the sign of maintaining good health.

Now-a-days people are busy earning dollars and are not even concentrating on what they eat, what they do, and when they sleep. This is the first sign of neglecting their health. A billionaire can be the most wealthiest in the world, but may not me the healthiest person at least in his family. So, if you are hail and healthy, its worth more than billions.
So you have to follow some regular diet, exercises, yoga and workouts.


        As a part of being mentally fit, one should concentrate on Yoga. In yoga, there are many simple tips and exercises that you can do at home in your free time. Meditation and Pranayama are such things that bring a lot of self confidence, concentration and increases our willpower. They also bring a complete control on our emotions and thoughts. Also we need not spend a penny to learn it. Every Asana of Yoga has a specific meaning and benefit to our body. The best time to practice yoga is in the early hours of a day and with empty stomach. Join a yoga class to learn the basics of yoga. Its better option to do it under the guidance. If you don’t have time to reach a yoga center, there are many online tutorials which teach yoga step by step.

gym fitness workoutsAnd now, you have to concentrate on physical fitness. There are many exercises and workouts. A gym is the perfect place where you can get professionally trained for physical fitness. There you can have your own personal trainer, who concentrates on your body workouts and exercises. If you wish to join a gym, you should allot some time to it and follow a proper diet. Otherwise you will be dehydrated. At gym, you have special workouts for every category. If you want it for weight loss, they will guide you in that area, if you want muscle strength, they will guide you in that area. Aerobics is also a kind of physical exercise to our body.

food diet for fitnessLast but not the least, a proper diet is always essential for a healthy body. Our body should get sufficient vitamins, fats and carbohydrates. We should eat food to how much calories our body needs. Over nutrition results in obesity and under nutrition results in other health problems. These days, as we are busy and could not prepare food at home, we order a pizza or a burger and complete our meal so. Also, we love to eat junk foods and oil foods more than home food. Try to avoid this as much as you can. And if you have any bad habits, try to avoid them also. Also to note, sufficient sleep is necessary for healthy functioning of our body. We can live for many days without food, but we die if we don’t have the needed sleep.

A healthy mind and healthy body keeps you happy. So with simple things you can do at home, bring fitness to your door steps. Go for a jog everyday, practice yoga, maintain healthy diet, play the game, run, strain and sleep well.

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